Gluten Free?? Free Your Mindset first!

I was talking to a man who was buying a supplement from my pharmacy today. He told me he had just gotten back from a visit with his family in Tennesee. He said “Can you believe that they have to drive three hours to Memphis just to get gluten free food?!”

There are so many problems with this statement but let me start here. I talk to alot of people every day who have gluten intolerance. The idea that gluten free foods are scarce is crazy. People eat gluten free foods more than they realize. Eggs, fresh animal protein, fresh fruit and vegetables are all naturally gluten free. So to me, the people that are diagnosed gluten intolerant will out live everyone else if they actually follow a gluten free lifestyle. Think of the food they wont be eating. All the food that is bad for you. So free your mind people! There are tons of gluten free foods available. You just need to stop relying on man made foods like bread and cookies for you. That might be what got you here in the first place.Heck you can make raw food cookies that taste 10 times better that any packaged cookie. Google it! Said with love , of course.