Ketosis or bust


Everything that goes in your mouth counts when you’re trying to lose weight. I just had a client who couldn’t get into ketosis, add up her mints, sweetener packets and gum and it was two days of carbs. She had just told me last week she felt like it was her age that was preventing her from losing weight quickly, to which of course I responded, “that’s not it”, because you can lose weight at any age. This just all goes back to the importance of reading your labels. There is always a reason why a person struggles to lose weight. #ketoexpertrebecca #americasnumberonequeenoflean #keto




Pssst! YOU need My Secret Weapon

Are you ready to light up your motivation, creativity, energy, mood and memory for 2018? Im taking pre-orders for “My Secret Weapon” supplement packs. For years, clients have been telling me they want what Im taking so now I am making them available for you. Secret Weapon is a mix of amino acids and nutrients that power you through your day, increasing motivation, slowing aging and increasing health. Noo Brain is a mix of cognitive enhancers boosting memory, mood, focus and creativity. I take both. A 7 day trial of either is $20.00 /  reg. $27.77. All you have to do is text (562-233-2197) the quantity and type you’d like, your email and pay your paypal invoice. Orders ship the 1st week of January. #ketoexpertrebecca #americasnumberonequeenoflean