“After years of frustration with doctors and different drugs for bloating and eczema Rebecca suggested a saliva test and low and behold I had severe allergies to foods I was eating every day. With her guidance I made changes to my diet and took some supplements and never had a problem again. And I lost 8 pounds without even trying! If people only knew. Thank you for educating me Rebecca”

Deborah T

“Ok you were right! There is a difference. Even after years of taking my health food store multi-vitamin I never felt any improvement at all. I felt an immediate boost in my energy and memory after switching to your vitamins”

Jonah B

“I came to Rebecca for help with depression and fatigue. We talked about nutritional deficiencies and nourishment. Thanks to Rebecca I have learned to eat wholesome foods. I also learned to eat intuitively instead of emotionally. I have lots of energy, am more focused and much happier.”

Tami B

“I feel as though Rebecca has given me at least 10 years of my life back. My only wish is that I would have discovered her years ago. I think of silly and sometimes dangerous diets I did and how within only weeks my whole body transformed from the inside out”

Wendy C

“Life Changing! I am now equipped with better tools to navigate both my life and the lives of my family by making informed decisions so we can all “eat to live” I exceeded my goals! Indeed this has been a truly remarkable and life changing experience”

Patricia P